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Studying at Home

How The Hub Works

For Teachers, we hope to:

  1. Have greater flexibility with your own schedule.

  2. Are able to dive into projects, lessons, and activities you may not have had the opportunity to teach in a classroom setting.

  3. Can negotiate your salary to meet your needs and the needs of your own family.

  4. Support you in delivering Christian Classical education.

  5. Help you acquire certification through ACSI (for those not certified).

  6. Securing equipment and space.

  7. Ongoing mentorship and coaching.


For families, we hope to:

  1. Help them set their own pace leading to a more cohesive family rhythm.

  2. Allow them to take control and have more oversight of their children’s academic and spiritual instruction.  

  3. Provide expertise of well-trained educators to support and empower parents.

  4. Connect them with like-minded people.  

  5. Collaborate with My Father's World curriculum.

  6. Student coaching and mentoring.


For students, we hope to:

  1. “Lay a foundation” and “plant & water seeds” that will lead to students who “taste and see that God is good” and in turn passionately desire Him (the Cornerstone of the foundation and the Source of life).

  2. Leverage their natural curiosity to inspire the joy of learning and encourage them to take responsibility (ownership) for their own learning.

  3. Develop good thinkers, not just good people; meaning students who can reason critically and biblically, resulting in disciples that know HOW to think (reason), not just what to think (information).

  4. Tap into their natural talents, interests, strengths, and giftings in order to help them discover their unique role in God’s Kingdom.

  5. Prepare them for what awaits them in this life/world, both good and evil.

  6. Help create a roadmap for education and life.

  7. Student coaching and mentoring.

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