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Tablet Learning

Our Approach

Combines Top Learning Philosophies

The Hub has chosen to use My Father's World to follow as an educational model. This curriculum combines the top learning philosophies (Classical Education, Charlotte Mason, Unit Studies, and Literature) and covers all subjects including art, music, and Bible.


Classical Education The Hebraic Way


Discover, Investigate, and Declare – our God-centric curriculum mirrors the Greco-Roman classical approach of grammar, logic, and rhetoric. But we teach your children Who God Is.


Charlotte Mason Influence

Charlotte Mason's educational philosophy includes living books, literature, timelines, Century Books ("notebooking") and nature walks to inspire curiosity and a lifelong love of learning.


Unit Study Made Easy


Hands-On Unit Studies enhance retention. Simple hands-on projects organized in a chronological learning sequence without the hassle of planning. Kids love to learn,  Parents love to teach.


Bible Integration

Learning model

Celebrate the world through God's eyes. We integrate the Bible, God's Truth, in history, geography, science, literature, art, music, and character development. Children cycle through Bible 3 times

Global Focus and Bible Translation

Bring world and U.S. history to life by learning God's story of people – diverse countries and cultures – all needing the grace and truth that comes through the message of His Word.

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